Parochial Church Council

The next PCC meeting is Mon 13th May  at 10.15am in church.   

Brief report of the Vestry Meeting and Annual General Meeting held on 
Sunday 14th April 2019

  • Diane Steer and Johanna Smith re-elected as Church Wardens.
  • The Financial Report showed that regrettably we have overspent this year as our weekly income is slightly down, however we have covered our Parish Share commitment for 2018. The church Finances are very concerning as we need to meet our Parish Share and other running costs in 2019 so the PCC are going to look at ways to encourage an increase in giving.
  • The Friends and Fabric report explained that they have had another successful year of fundraising and community events. They obtained a £500 grant from RVBC towards equipment. Repair work has been completed on the front porch, future repairs will be starting soon on the windows and they are exploring church interior re-decoration possibilities which will be a huge task. Grants are also being investigated to try offset some of the costs.
  • Attendance at Sunday Lunch Club continues to increase and now there is a provision for children of secondary school age.
  • Mothers' Union reported another good year and explained about their various activities/talks and fundraising for MU charities.
  • The organ is now serviced twice a year and choir have been performing old and modern anthems at various services and celebrations, they also now have regular rehearsals. 
  • Safeguarding is now on the agenda of every PCC meeting and there will be safeguarding training provided in the future. Diane Steer is the safeguarding officer.
  • The Beavers and Cubs group have enjoyed an active and energetic programme but the Scout group remains dormant due to a lack of leaders.
  • St Paul’s continues to be a Fairtrade church with Fairtrade status.
  • The Fellowship Group continues to meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of most months. There is a printed schedule of times and venues on the notice board at the back of church.
  • There was no change to the PCC.
  • It was confirmed that Miles & Lynda Leadbeater to continue as Deanery Synod representatives. 
  • Rev Catherine Hale-Heighway who started in Sept 2018 reported on ministry, mission and worship and gave thanks to all those who continue to work together at St Paul's


Brief report of the Vestry Meeting and Annual General Meeting held on
Sunday 15th April 2018

  • Diane Steer and Johanna Smith re-elected Church  Wardens.
  • The Financial Report showed we had a very sight surplus due mainly to a discretionary rebate of the Parish Share for 2017. An appeal will be made for a further reduction this year.
  • Finances would be very concerning had there not been two legacies received in 2017.
  • The Fabric Report explained that major work is needed to the front porch and the interior needs painting. Grants are being investigated to offset the cost.
  • The Friends reported another good year and explained how much money had been raised and how it had been used for repairs to the church.
  • Attendance at Sunday Lunch Club continues to increase.
  • Mothers' Union numbers have increased and a report was given of their varied activities.
  • Thanks were extended to all those who continue to work together to ensure St Paul's thrives.
Rev Andy Froud explained briefly that there is an interview day on Monday 30th April when, it is hoped, we will be able to appoint a new Associate Minister to work particularly at St Paul's and Christ Church, Chatburn.