St Paul's Church, Low Moor

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All welcome to help your local Church as we start to tend and develop the church garden as we enter the spring month and see the hidden bulbs become colourful flowers, Summer is around the corner and the church garden including `Bug Hotel will start to come alive for the another year,  Now Summer 2024 ha arrived. 

At St Paul's we have a small, enthusiastic band of gardeners who plant up and keep the church flower borders tidy, and a rota of volunteers who mow the lawns in the summer months.

The church gardens are enjoyed by the local community. Over the past two years we have also developed a wild flower garden attracting butterflies and insect pollinators.

If you would like to join us, contact the church for further information.

Great news Our Bug Hotel is official open and trading:

Bug Hotel

Our top creation and development team are hard at the build in our Church garden to have the new hotel open! 

                                                                              Bug Hotel finish

                                                                               AMAZING - hotel created and "Bugingham Palace" is now                                                                                           officially open