St Paul's Church, Low Moor

Reaching out and growing together in God's love


All welcome to help your local Church as we now can slow down as does mother nature as we enter Winter 2023 and say good bye to lovely flowers of  Summer 2023. 

At St Paul's we have a small, enthusiastic band of gardeners who plant up and keep the church flower borders tidy, and a rota of volunteers who mow the lawns in the summer months.

The church gardens are enjoyed by the local community. Over the past two years we have also developed a wild flower garden attracting butterflies and insect pollinators.

If you would like to join us, contact the church for further information.

Great news for Autumn/Winter 2023:

We have some exciting news for the bugs that can read, Our very own Bug Hotel is opening soon ..... We will keep you updated with photos and of course the grand opening.