St Paul's Church, Low Moor

Reaching out and growing together in God's love


James is now our new Musical Director who is leading St Pauls through our Sunday service and of course some tricky pieces for our choir to perform in the services.   

James with warm friendly approach would love new member both young and not as young are more than welcome to join. 


If you can not hear singing every Thursday then you must have your TV too loud !!. 

We meet in Church on the first and last in the month on Thursday at 7.30pm 

We have a great time as a group and our Choir has really grown and developed. Our Music Director James has true passion and dedication in his music and likes to really push the boundaries to make the sound on a Sunday service a true pleasure. 

If you wish to join we are a friendly bunch and we enjoy a laugh or two and some singing of course. 

Our current efforts is for the choir to master for October 2023 :

Look at the World, by John Rutter. 

For The Beauty Of The Earth, John Rutter.

A lovely piece the choir performed in a recent service : 

Nunc Dimittis 

Click here to watch