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Messy Church, Fun for the Children

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Our Newly Launched Children's activity in Church on Sunday afternoon from 2pm until 3.30pm

Our next Messy Church is Sunday afternoon on 15th September  2024 

This is a free activity and run in a warm friendly way with Faith at the helm and the children are in great hands as Faith is a Primary School teacher, along side Wendy our Vision Champion is a team of willing supporters. The church has many different key fun element through entertainment learning zones and is suitable for  people of ALL ages, adults and children alike. From a sandpit to making of bird feeders, fun games and activities to suit all. 

Mums, Dads, Grandads, Aunts and Uncles, your job is sit back relax with a coffee and a biscuit or two. Have a chat with others and allow Faith, Wendy and the team take your children through the different play zones. With all this work we of course supply the children with refreshments.      

Here is some photos and feedback from our last  Messy Church event.

Messy Church Welcome Feb 2024  Reverend Catherine and Faith welcoming the children with a inspirational power point was based on Gods Creation.  

Messy Church Welcome 2 Feb 2024

The children moving around the different zones

as lots of fun to be had.  

Messy Church Welcome 6 Feb 2024

Messy Church Welcome 5 Feb 2024

Messy Church Welcome 7 Feb 2024 We had a zone of animal prints and stamps were Grace was at hand to ensure fun to be had. 

A very exciting and extremely popular Zone was the Bird feeding plant creator, Jill worked very hard with the children  who had the opportunity to make one and learn how to use the warm bird seed mix and liquids, The completed bird feeder could be taken home and placed out side for the wild birds. In better weather Jill will be able to show you the new "Bug" Hotel in the church grounds. 

Messy Church Welcome 9 Feb 2024     Messy Church Welcome 7 Feb 2024    Messy Church Welcome 11 Feb 2024

Messy Church Welcome 3 Feb 2024

Messy Church Welcome 7 Feb 2024                                                  The musical dance mat was a real hit 

Messy Church Welcome 4 Tea Team Feb 2024 Our super dooper  helpers!

They even put the kettle on AND chocolate were a plenty ...... 

Here are some more photos from our Messy Church activity, 21st April 2024

Messy Church Image       Messy Church Image

Messy Church Image  The very popular sandpit 

Messy Church Image  Grace & Daughter Bethany Messy Church Image

Messy Church Image   Messy Church Image  Messy Church Image

Messy Church Image

We would love to see you at our next event that will be running on Sunday  September 2024 

Any questions or require more information please contact us here   

See you all soon, Faith and the Messy Church team.